We are psychedelic concierges and integration coaches for business people

We hold space for your psychedelic assisted personal transformation and connect you to the right practitioners in our ecosystem

Meaningful and lasting transformation takes years. If you want to ‘do the work’, then we can help. We have done this for ourselves and are always integrating.

We can help you to properly prepare and be your general sense-making guides for integration and all related modalities that are typically part of longer-term psychedelic-assisted journeys. Like a great concierge, we can connect you with vetted facilitators, guides, breath workers, meditation teachers, Compassionate Inquirers, and somatic therapists who can help you integrate your experience with your head, heart and hands – and who speak your language. We are part of the growing Third Wave Ecosystem which includes Clinics, Retreats, Therapists, and other Coaches.

You are still very early. The Psychedelic Renaissance has just started to make mainstream headlines. Medical approval, legalisation and decriminalisation are becoming reality, one jurisdiction at a time. We currently offer three services that you can blend into your personalised choreography. All lead to you becoming your own guru.

“It’s not your job to figure out when or where or how it’s going to happen. Your job is merely to move into a new state of being and then see the future you’re creating.” Dr. Joe Dispenza


Regular integration coaching and check-ins via video or in person. This can include 1:2 psilocybin macro-dose  journeys in a cleared jurisdiction with a coach and a somatically trained psychotherapist. As part of this package, we also guide you through deep transformative experiences including personal constellation, magic walks and basic breath-work, journaling and meditation. Depending on experience, we recommend an initial retainer of three to six months to build your scaffolding for daily, weekly and periodically practices to aid preparation and integration.


Facilitated integration circles complemented by a curriculum of content on physical and mental well-being, heart-led leadership, self-organizing teams, non-violent communications, TEAL organisations, integral theory, steward ownership, Web3/DAOs,  regenerative digital tools, and Sacred Economics. We blend ancient wisdom traditions with cutting edge scientific and action research. As part of this package, you attend 1-2 group retreats in a secular-spiritual setting including a macro-dose of psilocybin, which we facilitate together with expert guides.


If you are ready to go deeper, we can connect you with vetted (Western) partners who work with indigenous shamans in  Peru, Costa Rica, and Gabon. Plant medicine like Ayauasca, San Pedro,  and Iboga are best experienced where they grow, and facilitated by healers who have been trained by their ancestral lineage wisdom. We only recommend this type of retreat once you have built the foundations needed to safely climb those 8000ers of the psychedelic experience – were you may find ultimate consciousness . (See Hawkins Scale right/below)

Hawkins Vibrations Scale

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