Change the world? Change yourself!

Are you ready to become an embodied transformational leader?

Why you are here and how we can help you

You have played the success game. You now want to co-create a more beautiful world your heart knows is possible. You are committed to do the inner work.  

You are ready to make structural changes that might positively impact your family, team, business, community and our Earth. You sense that this requires to let go, to surrender, to trust the process – and that this might be really hard!

We are leadership coaches and integration companions. We can help you prepare and integrate psychedelic experiences, to become whole again.

We are now ready to share what we have been creating since we started our own transformation journeys: the Psychedelic Map For Change and its evolving integration toolkit.

Start by joining our online breathwork learning course. 100% legal!

Why we are here

The problem: financial capitalism with its growth imperative is hitting planetary boundaries; this will likely lead to catastrophes and dystopia.

The solution: a tribe of heart-centred (business) leaders and conscious change catalysts, who co-create a third attractor: the Regenerative Renaissance

Our contribution: individual preparation and integration support of psychedelic experiences, plus online cohort-based courses, where this tribe can learn, grow and transform together, equipped with the Psychedelic Map for Change. What if we even created a change-to-earn web3 token?!

Our 2025 vision for PMFC = Tools + Tribe + Token

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and I am changing myself.” 



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