Our meta-set and setting: from separation to inter-connectedness

Are you ready to wake-up, grow-up and show-up?

The path of least resistance

Water takes the path of least resistance. When you place a rock in a river, the water will create a punctual turbulence, but essentially flow effortlessly around it.

Businesses simply take the path of least resistance, too. The system that we have created incentivises them to produce negative externalities while growing exponentially. 

That means whatever we co-create from here needs a new structure that mandates business to work within our planetary boundaries. This must start with shifting our own mental models and core beliefs.

Clinical research shows that psychedelic experiences can create a big structural change: that endless oceanic feeling of one-ness that can turn our old story of separation into a new story of wholeness.

Creating new pathways

Psychedelics create neuroplasticity (temporary structural fluidity) and neurogenesis (new structures).

Cool. But what for? What if we oriented these new neural pathways also beyond clinical diagnoses? Millions of people need to heal their childhood or inter-generational trauma. And what about creating more loving relationships, more empowering workplaces and less extractive and exploitative business models?

For this to happen, we must also hold difficult conversations about the consequences of colonialism and patriarchy. 

Psychedelic experiences can help us to work through shame, fear or anger – with more compassion and less judgement.

“We won’t operate our Spaceship Earth for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It’s everybody or nobody.” Buckminster Fuller

Doing ‘the work’

The Psychedelic Map for Change invites you to develop Wholeness, which means to work with both your light and gifts as well as your shadow and trauma.

The PMFC then shows you connect all systemic realms that you exist in: your self, your relationships, your organisations, humanity, nature and the cosmos.

Exploring the map helps you grasp the inextricable links that govern your daily trade-offs and their unintended consequences.

Humanity has always been about tech, tools and trade. We are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, and we acknowledge that our problems were their innovations. They simply did their best. Now it’s up to us…

We are the people we are waiting for. What path do you choose? What type of ancestor do you want to be?

Download this booklet and start exploring the map.

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