The Map

From clinic to culture: we bring psychedelics to business culture

Are you ready to transform your beliefs and co-create a post-capitalistic world of wholeness, regeneration and flow?

The path of least resistance

We all agree that we need to reform capitalism at large. Yet it is perfectly adapted to one overarching structure that humans have created: the story of separation – from ourselves, one another, and nature. Businesses simply take the path of least resistance, and in the world that we have created that is to externalise cost at any cost.

Water takes the path of least resistance. When you place a rock in a river, the water will flow around it, and take a new path of least resistance. That means whatever we co-create from here needs a new structure. This must start in our minds and hearts.

We know from personal experience and clinical research that mystical experiences during psychedelic journeys can be that big structural change: that endless oceanic feeling of one-ness that can turn our old story of separation into a new story of wholeness.

Psychedelics create neuroplasticity (temporary structural fluidity) and neurogenesis (new structures).

Cool. But what for? Well, our aim is to bring psychedelics from clinic to culture, and specifically business culture. That is our intended collective set and setting.

Why? Beyond the many clinical outcomes including depression, PTSD and addiction that are currently being researched, trialled, and delivered by emerging brands (see links below), we can go for an even bigger breakthrough: to create a fairer and more regenerative economic system based on a more decentralised and global governance. If you are mission-aligned, then this shift starts with you: entrepreneur, leader, executive, facilitator, coach, social change maker and influencer.

Why you? We are the people we have been always waiting for. As we know from culture change research, we need the right 5% of people to experience the transformative power of psychedelics, so that you can change personal structures not just for self-optimisation, but also for your teams, your organisation and society at large.

“We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.”
~ R. Buckminster Fuller
The Psychedelicmap For Change

The Psychedelic Map for Change helps you to develop Wholeness, which means to work with both your love and gifts as well as your shadow, trauma, and triggers. The PMFC also encourages you to make integrated shifts across all systemic levels.

Imagine this map as a walk-in 3D experience in the #metaverse (our ultimate vision).  Grasp the inextricable links that govern your daily trade-offs and their unintended consequences.

Humanity has always been about tools and trade. We are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, and we hold that our problems today were their innovations back then. They simply did their best. Now it’s up to us…

What path do you choose? What type of ancestor do you want to be?

Download the map, share it and use it for your set and setting.

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