What's needed now: love and wisdom

Are you ready to open your heart and re-connect with yourself, others and nature?

Why we need a Psychedelic Map for Change

The word psychedelic means ‘mind manifesting’. We urgently need to manifest our minds, to understand the unintended consequences of our choices over longer timeframes.

Historic example: the invention of the plough gave our ancestors excess calories at scale and thus the capacity to invent maths and science. This technology also led to class-system and patriarchy. 

As we hit our planetary boundaries and build trans-human tech like AI and gene-editing, we sense that our choices will be much more consequential than a simple plough. 

At an individual level, every choice is rooted in a core belief, and many of our beliefs stem from childhood trauma and even inter-generational trauma. We are at the dawn of a new level of consciousness.

The Psychedelic Map for Change, or PMFC, aims to support the movement of heart-centred leaders who are wise enough to let go and allow life to happen through you.

Why we specifically invite change catalysts, business leaders and entrepreneurs

What is being asked of us: to reform capitalism as the lead domino for whole system transformation. 

It always seems impossible until it is done; we know from our daily conversations that many of you are ready to make the big leap from competition to collaboration and from extraction to regeneration.

Are you ready to co-elevate?

“We pretend that capitalism is an ‘endless summer’. We ignore that life has rhythms and Earth has seasons.” Alana Bloom

Who we are

We are a decentralised tribe co-evolving within a blossoming ecosystem. 

The current core is Marcus Antonius and Ruth Veda. Marcus is executive coach and change consultant of 20 years and has founded audacify. Ruth is holistic massage therapist and Compassionate Inquirer. Assisted by psychedelics, therapy and many other modalities, we have both healed childhood trauma and freed ourselves from addiction, busyness, and co-dependency. We are grateful to live in a lush forest in the UK which influences how we show up.

We are grateful to have Steven Ebbers and Ana Badila as co-creators of our breathwork as therapy online group course currently in alpha. Steven is the founder of Breathlife and Ana is a Microdosing Guru.

We are curious and excited about what else wants to emerge from ongoing conversations with potential collaborators in Europe and beyond…


Our mission, vision and invite

We are on a mission to build bridges between psychedelic experiences and the business world. We dream that this might accelerate the shift towards more decentralised and regenerative organisational life forms that will usher in an era of Steward Ownership.

PMFC is both tool and tribe. Our vision is to evolve it as a DAO inviting anyone to contribute and enrich the map and our services with insights, ideas, practices, protocols, tools, wisdom and love. We are looking for more collaborators, especially with business, healing or web3 background.


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