We believe that psychedelics can reform capitalism

We are conscious businesspeople who are doing the inner work to co-create a new system

Why we created the Psychedelic Map for Change

We scratched our own itch: the PMFC helps us with the sense-making layer of our own psychedelic integration process. It also remind us to re-connect – to ourselves, one another and nature. We can learn from indigenous people how to create a biological symbiosis with psychedelics. They have done this for thousands of years. We also believe in science. As with the original Renaissance in Italy, we need a conflux of money, new ideas, ethics and most importantly creative and compassionate leaders to evolve humankind: the Psychedelic Renaissance might just accelerate decentralization and regeneration fast enough for us to make it.

We dream of a post-capitalist, post-patriarchy and post-racism world. What will be the evolutionary purpose of humans?


Why we are speaking to forward thinking business leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers

What is being asked of us: to lead the deep adaptation now and to reform capitalism.

Businesses have the power to either double-down on pre-existing doctrines, or to become catalysts for the next level of human enlightenment. The stakes have never been higher and we know from our daily conversations that many of you are ready to make the big leap from competition to collaboration and from extraction to regeneration.

Ask yourself: am I currently a good ancestor? 

“We pretend that capitalism is an ‘endless summer’. We ignore that life has rhythms and Earth has seasons.” Alana Bloom

Who we are

We currently are Marcus Druen and Allan Fair, the co-founding energizers and contributors. Marcus has founded audacify which changes executive teams in ten weeks using meeting recordings and AI-analysis. Together with his life partner and Compassionate Inquirer, he holds holistic transformation retreats for individuals. Assisted by psychedelics, therapy and many other modalities, Marcus has healed childhood trauma and freed himself from addiction and co-dependency. He lives in a forest in the Uk and is ripening to become regeneration man.

Allan is the Executive Creative Director of INVNT,  and the co-founder of Meaning, a consultancy that brings ancient wisdom, academia, storytelling and love into organizations to create cultures that aspire to manifest the next era of planetary, human, and personal enlightenment. He is also the creator of the mental health podcast, Alz In The Fam, which documents his journey with his siblings taking care of their mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.


Our mission, vision and invite

We are on a mission to bring psychedelics to business. We think that this might accelerate the shift towards Benefit Corporations (B-Corp), Public Benefit Corporations (PBC), Cooperatives (COOP), Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) or any other innovative organisational life forms that usher in an era of Steward Ownership. We trust that these new entities will give back to the indigenous tribes and guardians of these sacred medicines and practices – just as we will once we have revenue, maybe even via smart contracts.

PMFC is our passion project and our vision is to evolve it as a DAO inviting anyone who feels an inner calling to contribute and enrich the map with insights, ideas, practices, protocols, tools, wisdom and love.

We want to hear from potential co-founders, content creators and thought leaders as well as retreat centres, therapists, guides, healers, breath workers and anyone who wants to help business people embrace psychedelics for real transformation.


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