We help you prepare and integrate psychedelic experiences

How do you follow what a psychedelic experience is trying to teach you?

The actual psychedelic experience is 10% – preparation and integration are 90%. The etymology of the word “integrate” means “put together parts or elements and combine them into a whole.” Integration, therefore, is the process of creating wholeness in your life – at home and at work.

Meaningful transformation takes years. If you want to ‘do the work’ (and not just chase the next retreat) then we can help. We have being doing this for ourselves and know that this can be painful and temporarily destabilising – especially for Type A personalities, busy people who want a quick fix, and those who resist spirituality.

Ultimately though, sincere and structured integration can lead to you becoming your own guru so you can redefine success and embody your true purpose.

We are transformation, wellness, and executive coaches as well as relational therapists, body healers, and breath workers. 

We help our clients to deeply prepare for journeys and are their first-stop companions and concierges for immediate and long-term integration. Being part of a fast growing ecosystem we can personally recommend you retreat facilitators and shamans where psychedelics are legal who have guided us or we work alongside.

We currently offer the three services below. Ask Marcus how we can tailor this to your unique needs.

“The key challenge is to transform epiphany into personality and altered states into altered traits.” Roger Walsh


The more you put in, the more you get out. Most retreat centres only offer group calls. We complement this with an individual preparation plan.

Our package includes  core beliefs inventory, purpose interview, joint briefing of your partner or support person, non-medical risk assessment, post-retreat diary planning and Q&A for the many psychedelic-specific questions you’ll have. 

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Our package supports you instant, short-term and long-term:

16/7 access for non-medical emergency calls, hands-on somatic release if local, compassionate inquiry therapy, integration coaching, sense-making, your new key stone habit, rehearsal of difficult conversations, relational feedback on observable shifts, and accountability partnering.

Download our brochure for details. (coming soon)



We are currently piloting our first cohort-based course with breath work as psychedelic therapy.

We anchor the guided breathwork sessions on the six realms of the Psychedelic Map For Change.

Likewise, we amplify the exploration of big questions related to the map with breathing by getting you into your body – which never lies.

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